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Smart Farming is a concept of farming management using modern Information and Communication Technologies to increase the quantity and quality of products.

Among the technologies available for present-day farmers there are

  • Sensing technologies, including soil scanning, water, light, humidity, temperature management;
  • Software applications - specialized software solutions that target specific farm types;
  • Communication technologies, such as cellular communication;
  • Positioning technologies, including GPS;
  • Hardware and software systems that enable IoT-based solutions, robotics and automation; and
  • Data analytics, that underlies the decision making and prediction processes.

Helping those in need

there are 3.5 billion people under 30 living on the planet, that makes half of the population. 1.8 billion people are adolescents or early adults, ranging from the age of 15 to 24. Half of all youth reside in the developing countries. Our world has never seen so many young people. Following the international saying, "children are the future", then, youth is the present. Apart from being the most well-educated generation in all history, with the highest numbers when it comes to literacy, entrepreneurship, social engagement, etc., young people, regardless of their nationality, face one common problem: Climate Change.

The latest IPCC reports indicate that we are not on track to reach the 2ºC goal agreed upon the Paris Agreement. Youth is and will be directly affected by all the changes that happen in the environment. That makes it the perfect group to take the lead towards developing solutions to tackle Climate Change

Youth is Connected. The International Telecommunications Union (ITU) estimates that young people worldwide are nearly two times more networked than the global population as a whole. Problems exist everywhere but they are only risen to the status of being an issue when they receive attention, and we've all seen the power of hashtags in raising a problematic situation into a genuine issue. Social media can be an important tool in empowering youth, giving momentum to a cause and letting decision makers know that what's going on is unacceptable. Bringing that activism to the environmental causes and making it appellative to everyone is a major step in spreading actions and solutions against climate change.

Why youth engagement is crucial in the fight against Climate Change?

Youth is Everywhere. Accounting for half of the world's population, youth is deeply rooted inside any system, local or global. From the labor force to high-risk investment markets, youth is there. Young man and woman are everyday trying to build their lives and a better future, for themselves and their kind. More than ever, that goal passes through finding solutions to tackle climate change, and the fact that youth is in every sector of society, gives us an opportunity to bring that topic to all corners.

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