Educate, Train 634 women headed households in South Africa. 


Current Programs

Smart Farming is a concept of farming management using modern Information and Communication Technologies to increase the quantity and quality of products.

We provide structured sports activities for youth, elementary school to high school-aged. The sports activities must be offered to program participants at no charge to them.

Many in Africa still are without proper sanitation facilities. Many are still without water. Many still use toilets without water.

Young South Africans face a lot of challenges: young women (aged 15-24) teenage pregnancy at shocking levels, and violence and gender-based violence aggravate this and poverty.
Working with the community's families of orphaned and vulnerable children, it has become increasingly obvious that working with the children/youth is insufficient on its own....

Most African farmers are disadvantaged at every stage in the process of producing and selling crops. Large areas of soil are nutrient deficient. Rains are erratic. Technology is scarce. Credit is limited. Markets are often out of reach or inefficient. But in spite of these problems, Sausa knows that Africa can be the world's next breadbasket.

Over the past few years, supporting resource-poor preschools has become an integral part of the ways we support the community. We currently have 24 crèches (preschools) throughout the local tribal and farming area that we support through bimonthly teacher support workshops where in addition to passing on new songs, teaching methods and early...

Over time, all communities experience changes that affect the industries, technologies, and land use patterns that help form the foundation of their local economies. Economically resilient towns, cities, and regions adapt to changing conditions and even reinvent their economic bases if necessary. Even if the community has lost its original or main...

According to a 2014 report by Statistics South Africa, based on the 2011 census, 7.5% of the country's population is regarded as having a disability. The highest proportion of people living with disabilities, by province, was found to be in the Free State, with 11,1% of its population having a disability, followed by the Northern Cape, with 11%,...


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